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Fun Sensory Integration Therapy Activities
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Vestibular & Propreoceptive

Animal Game: Think up various types of animals with your child, then move like them.  

  • Snake - slither on the ground.

  • Rabbit or kangaroo – jump up and down.

  • Elephant – clasp hands together and swing them back and forth.

  • Cheetah – run in place as fast as you can.

  • Frog – hop like a frog.

  • Bird – Flap arms like a bird. 

  • Penguin – keep both arms together at your side and waddle like a penguin..

You can also play the bug game become a worm, butterfly, bee, spider or grasshopper

Auditory: Sound Hide and Seek

For this game of hide and seek you can use any kind of instrument that makes noise.  Give the one hiding an instrument and have them hide.  Have the one hiding make noise until they are found.  Some instrument ideas include: whistles, a harmonica, bicycle horns or a pot and a spoon.


Oral Motor: Bubble Wrapping Paper

This is a fun easy way to make homemade wrapping paper.  If bubbles get on a child’s clothes it may stain depending on how much food coloring is added to the bubble water.  Have the child wear a smock or old shirt.  If you are worried the child will suck the bubble solution up the straw, poke a few small holes one inch from the top of the straw


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Tactile - Peanut Butter Cookies

These tasty cookies can be made and ate within five minutes.  What you will need: 1 Tbs. Peanut butter, 1 Tbs. Nonfat milk, 1 Graham cracker, zip-lock sandwich bags.  Place a graham cracker inside a cake pan, have the child use their fingers to crumble it into fine pieces. Place the crumbs into a sandwich bag. Add the peanut butter and nonfat  milk to the bag. Seal the bag making sure all of the air is out. Have the child knead the  bag until the ingredients are mixed. Open the bag, take out the dough and roll it into small balls and eat. You can also roll the cookies in sprinkles or coconut if you like.


Fine Motor: What's In My Purse?

For this activity you will need pairs of common objects: crayons, keys, buttons, baby socks and a purse.  Put one of each item in the purse.  Give the child an item and see if they can find the matching item inside the purse without looking.

Tactile -Olfactory: Smelly Trees

Draw a simple rectangle for a tree trunk and an oval for a tree on some construction paper.  Place a few tablespoons of coffee into a shallow bowl. Allow the child to paint the tree trunk with glue and decorate it with coffee grounds, pour the excess coffee back into the bowel.  Tear open an herbal tea bag and place the contents in another shallow bowl. Have the child paint the glue on the oval then sprinkle the tea leaves on for the leaves



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